Nonprofits and the word “brand”

Itchy. Twitching. More than slightly uneasy. That seems to be how leaders and their teams at some nonprofits still react to the word “brand.” Reacting to the questions “are we really aligned internally and externally?” or  “what do our members think about our brand?” For some, the default is to think about logos and taglines. These are important […]

Clearer Organizational Goals

Bill Shore of Share Our Strength is arguably one of the top five leaders in U.S. nonprofits. For years he has set big hairy audacious goals, gotten hordes of people in business and other nonprofits to throw their strength behind execution of those goals, and then set new goals. So I was paying attention when […]

The Power of “Why”

The questions I ask my clients often lead with one word: “Why?” Why do you want to reach more people? Why are you starting this new program? Why do you want to partner with this company? Sometimes we gloss over the answers. Intentionally or not, “because” or “obviously” become dodges. The conversation moves on, and […]