Nonprofits and the word “brand”

Itchy. Twitching. More than slightly uneasy. That seems to be how leaders and their teams at some nonprofits still react to the word “brand.” Reacting to the questions “are we really aligned internally and externally?” or  “what do our members think about our brand?” For some, the default is to think about logos and taglines. These are important […]

Love is in the air

Anyone who pays attention to marketing has heard about the pipeline and the funnel, those venerableimages of the pathway consumers take to brand loyalty. Tim Halloran, writing a blog for the Harvard Business Journal, has a slightly new take: The brand as love-object. Or even more than love-object, really, “someone” with whom you have a […]

Content, distribution strategy: Marry them young

Reading along the other day (magazine of the International Association of Business Communicators) and this snippet caught my eye: “…they believe they are only responsible for producing content. It’s someone else’s job to distribute it.” This is the tip of a classic iceberg, often found floating around nonprofits: “If we write it, they’ll read it, […]

Seth Godin jabs nonprofit marketing

It’s a good thing when a great marketing mind takes a look at nonprofit marketing. In his post yesterday, The Problem with Non, Seth Godin got actively upset about nonprofit marketing. In a general way, I’m with him: The social-good sector has to change the way it thinks about marketing. In the specific, it seems Seth […]

How to break down marketing silos at your nonprofit

I spoke at the Bridge Conference here in D.C. in July, tackling something familiar to ANYONE who’s done marketing at or for a nonprofit: Silos, those pernicious, often impenetrable walls that divide and thus limit marketing efforts by development, membership, program and communications staff. To prepare, I went and talked to several very smart people […]