Happy, defined (by the boss)

Wouldn’t YOU pay attention when Scott Adams, brilliant definer of the work world in “Dilbert,” writes about how to be happier? I would. Last week, Adams penned a front-page piece for The Washington Post‘s week-in-review section. He is tremendously skilled at being reductive, distilling a concept into a three-panel portrait of life at work. In […]

Who’s next in line?

The Wall Street Journal had a good story on how Frontier Communications set up a succession plan. A few years ago, the CEO matched her key lieutenants with board members for coaching and development. Word is that the system, while not perfect, is working. If CEO Maggie Wilderotter went off to sail the world for […]

A silo-busting leadership thought from Drew Gilpin Faust

Recently, The New York Times interviewed Drew Gilpin Faust, president of Harvard University (and formerly a leader at my alma mater). She told a short story of asking Michael Porter to run a session at a retreat with the deans of Harvard’s various schools, as she sought to “build cohesiveness and integration” across the multi-tentactled […]

Tackling a little-known management issue

Steven DiMaio’s latest blog post on Harvard Business Publishing caught my eye. The title is just great: “How to Train Your Pet Peeve.” And he’s tackling something that management training doesn’t traditionally cover: How to manage the little but persistent interaction reactions that can break down a team, a department, a project or process. It’s […]

Crisis communications isn’t just for big corporations

Recently, WWF here in the U.S. had to handle a tricky situation: An ad, produced for WWF-Brazil — over which WWF-US has no control — got further than it should have in the approval process. The ad contrasted the death-toll of the Twin Towers to the 2004 Asian tsunami, pointing out that the destructive power […]