First sentence: Best of 2014

I'm a word person, but even I stand daunted by the floods and floods of text surround the asking for contributions. The emails and letters never...stop...coming. In many of the asks, the development department kicks off their letter by carefully … [Continue reading]

Good management target: Screamails

We've all gotten them: Emails that are terse, all-capped, copying everyone in the world and sent with HIGHEST PRIORITY. They usually arrive late on a Friday, or even in the middle of the night. These are the emails that make good managers cringe, … [Continue reading]

Make meetings count #2

Meetings. We spend hours in them. We invite too many people. We don't invite the right people. We fail to question whether a standing meeting has outlived its function, or whether a new standing meeting really needs to be born. We confuse throwing … [Continue reading]

Love is in the air

Anyone who pays attention to marketing has heard about the pipeline and the funnel, those venerableimages of the pathway consumers take to brand loyalty. Tim Halloran, writing a blog for the Harvard Business Journal, has a slightly new take: The … [Continue reading]

Happy, defined (by the boss)

Wouldn't YOU pay attention when Scott Adams, brilliant definer of the work world in "Dilbert," writes about how to be happier? I would. Last week, Adams penned a front-page piece for The Washington Post's week-in-review section. He is tremendously … [Continue reading]