The Power of “Why”

The questions I ask my clients often lead with one word: “Why?”

Why do you want to reach more people? Why are you starting this new program? Why do you want to partner with this company?

Sometimes we gloss over the answers. Intentionally or not, “because” or “obviously” become dodges. The conversation moves on, and we get to good and interesting places in the end.

I wonder, though, what would happen if we lingered on the “why.” Really thrashed it through, and considered what comes next after that. If there is not a business reason for why, then, um, why do what you’re proposing? Does the answer suggest an organizational weakness or blind spot? If you don’t do what you’re proposing, what else CAN you do?

Asking why can sometimes seem like saying no. It is not. It’s a powerful question that drives you straight to where value lives. It is a question worth asking AND answering.