Going Whole Hog: Best fundraising letter of 2010

We are privileged to work for an organization called the Greensgrow Philadelphia Project. Based in North Philadelphia, Greensgrow’s mission is revitalizing livable communities through the practice of sustainable entrepreneurial urban agriculture. The organization ultimately wants people and communities all across America to see urban agriculture as a useful tool in creating and sustaining regional food economies. Greensgrow’s fearless executive director and founder, Mary Seton Corboy, will make sure this happens.

And next week, the organization will host its annual fundraiser. Now, Garside Group does not raise money for Greensgrow — we’re helping them with a strategic-planning process — but this fundraiser really caught us. The invitation came with one of the most honest, unvarnished pitch letters we’ve read recently. It has typos, swear words . . . and it tells you everything you need to know to support this group.

Here in Washington, DC, there are many good writers, and many of them hone their craft on organizational fundraising letters. There is a lot of strong copy floating around this town. Even in that context, the Greensgrow annual letter is one for the record books.

Read it and tell us what you think. Better yet, sign up for the Whole Hog event and support Greensgrow while eating a delicious meal with us next Saturday!