PBC Strategic Planning Team Qualifications

PBC Strategy Team – scope of responsibilities

Thanks for your interest in being part of the PBC Strategy Team. We’re looking for a few good people, particularly with one or more of the following skills:

  • Financial chops – to be able to model potential futures using PBC numbers
  • DC/VA real estate experience
  • Historic preservation background/experience
  • Strategic planning or organizational development expertise
  • Current info about how PBC works—programs, committees, etc.
  • Perspective/current info/relationships relevant to what is happening around PBC (DC planning, VA boathouse planning, Park Service relationships, etc.)

Desirable attributes for team members:

  • Patience for process and availability in DC for meetings
  • Ability to think in context of the greater good of an organization
  • Ready to do some research to get good info to help build the plan
  • Willingness to present to and talk with PBC members and board about the plan
  • Excited about digging in to build a plan for PBC’s future!

Timeline: The research and planning process will take about six months (September 2018—February 2019). During that time, the team will meet on a monthly basis – in person or by Zoom, in the evening, or on a weekend day if we need more time/focus.